NZSEE 2020 Webinar Series | 6

NZSEE 2020 Webinar Series | 6

NZSEE are pleased to invite you to their 6th Webinar in the NZSEE 2020 Webinar series, on Earthquake Insurance: Lessons for Engineers. The presentation is being held on Thursday July 9th from 12 noon to 1:30pm.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our series partner EQC, and our sponsors who are providing support for these events.

Thursday 9th July, 12pm: Earthquake Insurance: Lessons for Engineers

In the past decade we have seen a record number of earthquakes affecting cities where overall levels of insurance are high, i.e. in Chile, Japan, New Zealand and USA. The flows of capital from insurers to aid recovery have been large, and New Zealand especially has been buffered from significantly larger recovery costs that would have been faced by Government, businesses and homeowners, had insurance penetration been lower.

The recovery has also highlighted numerous areas needing new technical knowledge, more reciprocal understanding of business purpose, professional role(s) and accountability, and always the need for better coordination. Many of those insights are relevant to building greater resilience in our future urban centres.

Insurance remains vitally important for New Zealand, because all of its few cities are exposed to geological hazards. Engineers also contribute uniquely to the design and development of our cities, and to recovery following major events. There are technical, legal, commercial and ethical dimensions to these challenges for engineers, building owners, asset managers and insurers. In this session, the speakers will present on the lessons learnt from their earthquake insurance experience, both here in NZ and internationally.

The webinar will be presented by three experts in earthquake insurance: Tony Paterson, Principal of Markit LawLeon Briggs, National Chief Adjuster, Sedgwick NZ and Mark Ellis, Engineer and Seismic Risk Specialist at Holmes Consulting in Los Angeles. The webinar will be co-chaired by David Whittaker and Hugh Cowan.

Registering will provide you with login details for the webinar. As this topic has far broader relevance than just engineering professionals, we do encourage members to further distribute this registration invitation to others in the industry who may have an interest in attending this webinar. Preference will be given to NZSEE members if places are oversubscribed.

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