2004 OG Award

Otto Glogau Award 2004

(presented at the NZSEE AGM, 11 March 2005)

Hollowcore Floor slab performance following a severe earthquake

presented to the 2003 FIB Conference, Athens, May 2003

by Jeff Matthews, Des Bull and John Mander


This paper told the world about the performance of hollowcore slab testing when incorporated with a 2-way perimeter ductile frame. The performance of the slab using the then current detailing commonly used in New Zealand was poor with collapse of the slab units.

The testing sub-assemblage incorporated full-scale beams, columns and slabs in complex testing rig able to load the structure in both horizontal directions while keeping the column drifts the same at mid-column height. The testing modelled the prototype as close to reality as was possible without placing a scale model on a shaking table.

The results of the testing were the basis for amendments made to the NZ Concrete standard in 2003. The paper is extremely well written with clear, concise photographs and figures. The authors richly deserve to be awarded the NZSEE Otto Glogau Award for 2004.