2003 OG Award

Otto Glogau Award 2003

(presented at the NZSEE AGM, 11 March 2005)

The tri-set of papers on the Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment of the Canterbury region all in NZSEE Bulletin, Vol. 34, No 4, Dec 2001.

Paper 1: Earthquake hazard and risk assessment study for the Canterbury Region: Outline of programme development

by Peter Kingsbury, Jarg Pettinga and Russ Van Dissen

Paper 2: Earthquake source identification and characterisation for the Canterbury Region, South Island NZ

by Jarg Pettinga, Msark Yetton, Russ Van Dissen and Gaye Downes,

Paper 3: Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of the Canterbury Region.

by Mark Stirling, Jarg Pettinga, Kelvin Berrymann and Mark Yetton


The triset of papers that document the Environment Canterbury seismic hazard assessment collectively represent a benchmark for this country. Never before has a territorial authority undertaken to quantify the earthquake hazards in such a thorough and systematic fashion. The study was well thought out by the Environment Canterbury managers, and the projects well formulated and carried out by the various specialists. The work is a shining example of how multidisciplinary multiorganisational groups can work together to a common cause and produce a first rate study that goes well beyond anything previously done in the area. The triset is thoroughly deserving of the Otto Glogau Award for 2003.