NZSEE Quarterly Bulletin

Papers in The Bulletin cover the full spectrum from seismology and geology through to applied earthquake engineering, including:

  • Studies of major historical earthquakes
  • Reconnaissance reports of recent earthquake events around the world
  • Technical papers which examine aspects of design and the performance of materials
  • Retrofitting and upgrading issues

The Bulletinoffers scientific excellence at an affordable cost. Its editorial policy is to offer:

  • Peer reviewed articles
  • Low cost
  • Prompt publication
  • Articles for a broad readership

The Bulletin is included in the membership fee (see Join), or is available separately by subscription (See Subscriptions). The Bulletin plays an important role in furthering the advancement of the science and practice of earthquake engineering, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise.

All publications can be ordered through the Society’s Executive Officer.


The Society gratefully acknowledges the financial support provided by

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) for the publication of the Bulletin.

Editorial Team (2019-2021)

Editor-in-Chief Rajesh Dhakal , University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ
Associate Editor Liam Wotherspoon, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ
Production Manager         Lisa Moon, NZ Society for Earthquake Engineering, NZ
Web Edition Manager Quincy Ma, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ
Reagan Chandramohan, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ

Editorial Board Members

Katrin Beyer
Lausanne, Switzerland
Minghao Li
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Jitendra Bothara
Miyamoto International
Christchurch, NZ
Gregory MacRae
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, NZ
Brendon Bradley
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, NZ
Gennaro Magliulo
University of Naples Federico,
Napoli, Italy
Misko Cubrinovski
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, NZ
John Mander
Texas A & M University,
College Station, USA
Kenneth Elwood
University of Auckland
Auckland, NZ
Leonardo Massone
University of Chile
Santiago, Chile
Matt Fox
University of Pavia, Italy
Vasant Matsagar
Indian Institute of Technology
Delhi, India
Rick Henry
University of Auckland
Auckland, NZ
Alessandro Palermo
University of California, San Diego, USA
Matt Gerstenberger
GNS Science
Lower Hutt, NZ
Arun Mankavu Puthanpurayil
Wellington, NZ
Jason Ingham
University of Auckland
Auckland, NZ
Keri Ryan
University of Nevada, Reno,  USA
Jared Keen
Christchurch, NZ
Jan Stanway
WSP, Christchurch, NZ
Sam Kono
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo, Japan
Tim Sullivan
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, NZ

Bulletin Contributions

Contributors are requested to submit manuscripts online via the NZSEE Bulletin Portal. The manuscripts can be submitted for review in any format; but the revised manuscripts (after the first round of review) should be prepared using Microsoft Word, using the following instructions and template. Authors may also prepare the paper using LaTex, for which a template is provided in

An abstract of about 200 words should be included in each submission. The submissions should preferably be no less than 6 pages and no more than 20 pages in the Bulletin’s double column format; submissions with less than 6 pages can be submitted as Technical Notes. All submissions will be reviewed as per the Bulletin’s review policy, which requires at least two reviews for Technical Articles and one review for Technical Notes.

Bulletin Exclusion Clause

The options expressed in this publication are those of individual contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, its members or The Earthquake Commission (EQC).

Neither the Society, any of its members or EQC accept any liability whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, in relation to any of the articles, reports or other materials contained in the Bulletin or any reliance that may be placed on their contents. No one should make use of or rely on any material contained in the Bulletin without seeking expert advice appropriate to his or her circumstances. Persons who do make use of or rely on any opinion, information or advice contained in the Bulletin do so at their own risk.