NZSEE 2020 Webinar Series | 5

NZSEE 2020 Webinar Series | 5

NZSEE are pleased to invite you to their 5th Webinar in the NZSEE 2020 Webinar series, on Low-Damage Seismic Design. The presentation is being held on Thursday June 25th from 12 noon to 1:30pm.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our series partner EQC, and our sponsors who are providing support for these events.

Thursday 25th June, 12pm: EQC-Invited Session on Low-Damage Seismic Design

Facilitating wider uptake of Low-damage seismic design is an important part of increased resilience to the next major earthquake. In this session, the speakers will present on the recent practical application of low-damage designs, both here in NZ and internationally. We will begin with David Mar, who will deliver the EQC-Keynote on Low-Damage Seismic Design, followed by a joint presentation from Alistair Cattanach and Rowan Ballagh from Dunning Thornton.

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Designing a Seismically Resilient Future – Lessons Learnt from Low-Damage building projects in the San Francisco Bay Area
David Mar (Founder, Mar Structural Design, Berkley, California)
This presentation will cover several projects that have utilised high-performance design objectives within the San Francisco Bay Area. Specifically, a recent community housing project in San Francisco, with 25% of the homes reserved for formerly homeless seniors, was awarded a US Resiliency Council Gold Rating for Seismic Resilience. The cost-premium of the high-performance design was only 0.24% of the construction cost, compared to the benchmark conventional design. David will discuss his insight into the drivers for the uptake of low-damage design by clients, architects, and other stakeholders.

Lessons Learnt from three recent base-isolation projects in Wellington and the practical application of the NZSEE Base Isolation Design Guidelines
Alistair Cattanach (Director) and Rowan Ballagh (Design Engineer), Dunning Thornton Consultants, Wellington.
This presentation will cover three recent building projects in Wellington that were designed using base isolation. Rowan and Alistair will jointly present on these projects, introducing with client expectations and their drivers for base isolation. They will then focus on the practical application of the NZSEE base isolation guidelines including recommendations out of the design and Peer Review process, finishing with how the low damage detailing was communicated to the design and construction teams.