NZSEE/QuakeCoRE Emerging Women Leaders in Earthquake Engineering Award


NZSEE and Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE invite applications for the 2024 NZSEE/QuakeCoRE Emerging Women Leaders in Earthquake Engineering Award.


Established in 2019, this award was established to recognise younger women from engineering practice and/or academia for emerging leadership in the field of earthquake engineering. The intent of the award is to support increased participation of women in leadership roles in earthquake engineering, in practice or academia. Applicants should be in the developing or expanding stage of her career and will be judged on a combination of past accomplishments and future potential.  It is expected the awardee will use the award to further her career goals in earthquake engineering.


Selection Criteria

Early to mid-career individuals who identify as women and are 35 years of age or less, as of 1 January in the year of the award, are eligible to apply for the NZSEE/QuakeCoRE Emerging Women Leaders in Earthquake Engineering Award. This eligibility criteria can be extended beyond 35 years of age to account for applicants who have had breaks from employment, such as for parental leave or for serious illness/injury. If this extended eligibility period is used, then the application should include a statement outlining the periods where there has been a break in employment, and a description of the reason for this break.


Applicants shall be New Zealand based and intend for New Zealand to be their primary place of residence. There are no formal New Zealand Residency or Citizen requirements.


Applicants must have a degree/qualification in engineering or related earth sciences field and have completed their studies at the time of application for the award.


Applicants must be actively working in the field of earthquake engineering, as practitioners or researchers, at the time of application.


Individuals will be assessed on a combination of past accomplishments and future potential.


Application and referee letters for the NZSEE/QuakeCoRE Emerging Women Leaders in Earthquake Engineering Award shall provide example(s) of how the candidate:


  1. Shows emerging leadership in Earthquake Engineering, and
  2. Shows significant skills and accomplishments in Earthquake Engineering through having, for example:
  • Undertaken pioneering research for which the outcomes have potential to significantly influence the practice of earthquake engineering; and/or
  • Developed creative and innovative solutions and/or designs that significantly advance the practice of earthquake engineering; and/or
  • Undertaken significant responsibility for the design of substantial earthquake engineering projects; and/or
  • Developed significant innovations and/or led activities that promotes and enhances gender diversity in the field of Earthquake Engineering in New Zealand; and/or
  • Otherwise provided any form of leadership, including leadership of activities or people, in the field of Earthquake Engineering in New Zealand.

Applications are encouraged from women working in earthquake engineering across academia, government, and private industry.  Applicants and referees are not required to be actively involved in QuakeCoRE or be members of NZSEE, but this is desirable.


The NZSEE/QuakeCoRE Emerging Women Leaders in Earthquake Engineering Award has a value of $10,000 and complimentary membership of NZSEE for a year. If multiple awards are given in any year, the prize value may be split evenly amongst the winners.


An application shall contain:


  • A statement (500 – 1000 words) from the applicant summarising her background and accomplishments in earthquake engineering.
  • CV of the applicant including sufficient information to confirm eligibility including birthdate, engineering (or related earth sciences) education/qualifications, and where the candidate is based. (2 pages maximum).
  • A brief statement (500 words max) describing how the applicant has shown emerging leadership in earthquake engineering and plans on extending or developing her leadership in earthquake engineering going forward.

The applicant should arrange for a relevant employer/expert/mentor to independently email a letter of support to the NZSEE Executive Officer by the awards submission deadline.  This support letter should comment on the candidate’s leadership qualities in earthquake engineering in terms of past accomplishments, future potential and the degree to which the individual fits the desired overall profile of leadership in earthquake engineering.


Additional materials beyond the requirements above need not be submitted and will not be reviewed.


A selection committee representing NZSEE and  Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE shall consider the applications received and select which candidate, if any, is to be awarded. The selection committee may contact the applicant and / or referee for further information.  The decision of the selection committee will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


The award will be presented at the NZSEE Annual Technical Conference.


The award recipient will be expected to present a topic related to her work at the NZSEE Annual Conference or at the QuakeCoRE Annual meeting in the year following conferment of the award.

Past Recipients

2024Anna Philpott
2023Annie Scott
2022Nikoo Hazaveh
2021Kaley Crawford-Flett and Charlotte Toma
2020Courtney Chapman and Marta Giaretton
2019Virginie Lacrosse

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