Otto Glogau Award

Otto Glogau, Chief Structural Engineer of the Ministry of Works, was a great thinker in the development of engineering concepts and design loadings for improving the structural performance of buildings to resist earthquake effects.  Otto played a large part in the pioneering development of the 1976 Loadings Code.

This award is offered annually to the author or authors presenting the best paper during the three years ending 30 June preceding the date of the award.  Those eligible are authors, whether members or non-members of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, of any paper published in the Bulletin of the NZSEE within the previous three years.

The criteria for selection of the Otto Glogau Award are merit and the degree to which the paper advances the objects of the Society. However, when papers of equal merit are being considered for the award, preference will be given to authors who have not yet received the award. In any year the presentation or not of an Award will be at the sole discretion of the NZSEE Management Committee.

Two years must pass from the date of the award before an author is again eligible to receive the award. (For multi-authored papers, the term “author” in this paragraph refers to all authors)

The award is in the form of a sum of money ($1000.00) to purchase books, plus a certificate.

The recipient for this year’s Otto Glogau Award will be selected by an Award Panel made up of members of the NZSEE Management Committee.

Nominations are currently closed. Check back early 2020 for details on nominations for the 2020 award.

The Award is presented at the NZSEE Annual Conference.

Past Recipients

2018 Edited by L. Wotherspoon, A. Palermo, C. Holden and R. Dhakal Special Issue on 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, NZSEE Bulletin 50(2) published in June 2017
2017 T. Larkin and C. Van Houtte Determination of Site Period for NZS1170.5:2004 published in NZSEE Bulletin 47(1): March 2014
2016 I. Giongo, A. Wilson, D.Y. Dizhur, H. Derakhshan, R. Tomasi, M.C. Griffith, P. Quenneville and J. M. Ingham Detailed Seismic Assessment and Improvement Procedure for Vintage Flexible Timber Diaphragms published in NZSEE Bulletin 47(2): June 2014
2015 No award
2014 S. Pampanin Reality-Check and Renewed Challenges in Earthquake Engineering: Implementing Low-Damage Structural Systems – From Theory to Practice published in NZSEE Bulletin 45(4): December 2012
2013 T.J. Sullivan Direct Displacement-based design of a RC wall-steel EBF dual system with added dampers published in NZSEE Bulletin 42(3): September 2009
2012 D.A. Rhoades, R.J. Van Dissen, R.M. Langridge, T.A. Little, D. Ninis, E.G.C. Smith and R. Robinson Re-evaluation of Conditional Probability of Rupture of the Wellington-Hutt Valley Segment of the Wellington Fault published in NZSEE Bulletin 44(2): June 2011
2011 R.P. Dhakal and R.C. Fenwick Detailing of Plastic Hinges in Seismic Design of Concrete Structures published in ACI Journal, Nov 2008
2010 J.H. Wood Earthquake Design of Rectangular Underground Structures published in NZSEE Bulletin 40(1): March 2007
2009 G.H. Lindup Adapting the structural design actions standard for the seismic design of new industrial plant published in NZSEE Bulletin 40(3): September 2007
2008 R. Dhakal, J. Mander and N. Mashiko Identification of critical ground motions for seismic performance of structures published in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Vol. 35, February 2006, pp 989-1008
2007 G.H. McVerry, J.X. Zhao, N.A. Abrahamson and P.G. Somerville New Zealand Acceleration Response Spectrum Attenuation Relations for Crustal and Subduction zone earthquakes published in NZSEE Bulletin 39(1): March 2006
2006 S. Pampanin Emerging Solutions for High Seismic Performance of Precast/Prestressed Concrete Buildings published in Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology 3(2): June 2005
2005 J. Matthews, D. Bull and J. Mander Hollowcore Floor slab performance following a severe earthquake, FIB Conference, Athens, May 2003 (Citation)
2004 K. Berrymann, G. Downes, P. Kingsbury, J. Pettinga, M. Stirling, R. Van Dissen, M. Yetton The tri-set of papers on the Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment of the Canterbury region all published in NZSEE Bulletin 34(4): December 2001 (Citation)
2003 G.T. Hancox, N.D. Perrin and G.D. Dellow Recent Studies of Historical Earthquake-Induced Landsliding Ground Damage and MM Intensity in NZ published in NZSEE Bulletin 35(2): June 2002
2002 G.L. Downes, D.J. Dowrick, R.J. Van Dissen, J.J. Taber, G.T. Hancox, E.G.C. Smith The 1942 Wairarapa, New Zealand, Earthquakes: Analysis of Observational and Instrumental Data published in NZSEE Bulletin 34(2): June 2001
2001 M.J.N. Priestley Performance based seismic design published in NZSEE Bulletin 33(3): September 2000(12 WCEE keynote address)
2000 M. Stirling, S. Wesnousky and K. Berryman Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis of New Zealand published in New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics 41(4)
1999 R. Grapes and G. Downes The 1855 Wairarapa, New Zealand, earthquake – analysis of historical data published in NZSEE Bulletin 30(4): December 1997
1998 J.X. Zhao, D.J. Dowrick and G.H. McVerry Attenuation of Peak Ground Acceleration in New Zealand Earthquakes published in NZSEE Bulletin 30(2): June 1997
1997 J.H. Wood and G.R. Martin Evaluation of Seismic Design Parameters for the Museum of New Zealand Site published in NZSEE Bulletin 28(2): June 1995
1996 D.J. Dowrick, D.A. Rhoades, J. Babor and R.D. Beetham Damage rations for houses and microzoning effects in Napier in the magnitude 7.8 Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, earthquake of 1931 published in NZSEE Bulletin 28(2): June 1995
1995 T.J. Larkin and S. Marks The Seismic Analysis of Sandy Sites published in NZSEE Bulletin 27(2): June 1994
1994 J.B. Berrill, R.O. Davis and I.F. McCahon Christchurch seismic hazard pilot study published in NZSEE Bulletin 26(1): March 1993
1993 R. Van Dissen, K.R. Berryman, J.R. Pettinga and N.L. Hill Paleoseismicity of the Wellington-Hutt Valley segment of the Wellington fault published in Journal of Geology and Geophysics 35(2)
1992 M. Nishiyama Seismic design of prestressed concrete buildings published in NZSEE Bulletin 23(4): December 1990
1991 L.T. Pham A base-isolation design using spherically-ended rollers and telescopic shock absorbers published in NZSEE Bulletin 21(2): June 1988
1990 R.C. Fenwick and L.M. Megget Seismic behaviour of a reinforced concrete portal frame sustaining gravity loads published in NZSEE Bulletin 22(1): March 1989
1989 T. Paulay and W.J. Goodsir The ductility of structural walls published in NZSEE Bulletin 18(3): September 1985
1988 T. Andriono and R. Park Seismic design considerations of the properties of NZ manufactured steel reinforcing bars published in NZSEE Bulletin 19(3): September 1986
1987 D.D. Spurr An economic solution for stabilising a slender arch roof published in NZSEE Bulletin 19(2): June 1986
1986 M.J.N. Priestley and D.R. Brunsdon Assessment of seismic performance characteristics of reinforced concrete buildings constructed between 1936 and 1975 published in NZSEE Bulletin 17(3): September 1984
1985 P.R. Boardman, B.J. Wood and A.J. Carr Union House: a cross-braced structure with energy dissipators published in NZSEE Bulletin 16(2): June 1983
1984 All 19 members of the Bridge Study Group: J.B. Berrill, H.E. Chapman, R.W.G. Blakely, A.J. Carr, L.G. Cormack, F.D. Edmonds, R.W. Fisher, P.R. Goldsmith, J.B.S. Huizing, A.G. Lonnigan, J.F. McGuire, M.B. Matthewson, P.J. North, R. Park, R.L. Preston, M.J.N. Priestly, P.R. Standford, M.J. Stockwell and J.H. Wood NZNSEE Discussion Group on the Seismic Design of Bridges published in NZSEE Bulletin 13(3): September 1980
1983 M.J.N. Priestley Seismic design of masonry buildings – background to the draft masonry design code DZ 4210 published in NZSEE Bulletin 13(4): December 1980
1982 L.M. Megget Analysis and design of a base-isolated reinforced concrete frame building published in NZSEE Bulletin 11(4): December 1978
1981 A.H. Buchanan Diagonal beam reinforcing for ductile frames published in NZSEE Bulletin 12(4): December 1979
1980 W.D. Smith Statistical estimates of the likelihood of earthquake shaking throughout New Zealand published in NZSEE Bulletin 9(4): December 1976
1979 R.W.G. Blakeley, R. Cooney and L.M. Megget Seismic shear loading at flexural capacity in cantilever wall structures published in NZSEE Bulletin 8(4): December 1975
1978 R. Park and T. Paulay Ductile reinforced concrete frames – some comments on the special provisions for seismic design of ACI 31871 and on capacity design published in NZSEE Bulletin 8(1): March 1975