Toka Tū Ake EQC/NZSEE Ivan Skinner Award 

The Toka Tū Ake EQC/NZSEE Ivan Skinner Award aims to advance the common interest of Toka Tū Ake EQC and the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Incorporated (NZSEE) in promoting advancements in the research and/or practice of earthquake engineering and/or earthquake resilience, which reduces the impacts of earthquakes on New Zealand communities. The Toka Tū Ake EQC /NZSEE Ivan Skinner Award includes a prize of $10,000.


This award is open to both practitioners and researchers contributing to reducing the impacts of earthquakes on New Zealand communities, as well as to applicants from disciplines other than engineering.  For more information click here. 

NZSEE/QuakeCoRE Emerging Women Leaders in Earthquake Engineering Award

Established in 2019, this award was established to recognize younger women from engineering practice and/or academia for emerging leadership in the field of earthquake engineering. The intent of the award is to support increased participation of women in leadership roles in earthquake engineering. Applicants should be in the developing or expanding stage of her career and will be judged on a combination of past accomplishments and future potential. It is expected the awardee will use the award to further her career goals in earthquake engineering. The NZSEE/QuakeCoRE Emerging Women Leaders in Earthquake Engineering Award includes a prize of $10,000. For more information click here


Otto Glogau Award

 This award is offered annually to the author or authors presenting the best paper during the three years ending 30 June preceding the date of the award.  Those eligible are authors, whether members or non-members of the New Zealand Society
for Earthquake Engineering, of any paper published in the NZSEE Bulletin within the previous three years. Papers that fit the eligibility criteria can be nominated, including through self-nomination. The award is in the form of $2,000 to purchase books or for other expenses to pursue earthquake engineering activities of initiatives. For more information including how to nominate an eligible Bulletin paper,  click here.

NZSEE Research Scholarship

The New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering awards an annual Research Scholarship for
applicants undertaking worthwhile research projects in earthquake engineering at New Zealand universities and research institutes. The objectives of the scholarship are to promote research in earthquake engineering and encourage students of high ability to continue advanced studies in earthquake engineering. The NZSEE Scholarship 2023 will have a value of $10,000. For more information click here

John Hollings Seismic Resilience In Practice Award

Case study projects from practice are sought that have the objective of providing enhanced seismic resilience in an earthquake event.  Submitted projects may be new builds or seismic retrofits and can be a building, structure, or infrastructure.


In 2023, this award was renamed the John Hollings Award for Seismic Resilience in Practice Award, in honour of John’s pioneering work in seismic resilience. His 1960s technical papers on reinforced concrete design and high rise structures generally led the way in thinking about how to design buildings that can withstand large earthquakes, through the use of a considered hierarchy of strength and the use of ductility within structural members. The concepts he pioneered led to significant subsequent research and changes to New Zealand’s building codes.

The award criteria includes both seismic retrofits as well as new-build projects, and includes all projects that seek to enhance seismic resilience of the structure or infrastructure. For more information click here

Bulletin Service Award

This award recognises and rewards high-impact service made by people to the NZSEE Bulletin. For more information click here.



No award may be given for any particular category in any year at the discretion of NZSEE and the Awards Committee. The decisions of the judges are final and no correspondance will be entered into