Ivan Skinner Award

The EQC/NZSEE Ivan Skinner Award aims to advance the common interest of the Earthquake Commission (EQC) and the NZSEE in promoting research outcomes which reduce the impacts of earthquakes on New Zealand communities.

Otto Glogau Award

This award is offered annually to the author or authors presenting the best paper during the three years ending 30 June preceding the date of the award.  Those eligible are authors, whether members or non-members of the NZSEE, of any paper published in the Bulletin of the NZSEE within the previous three years.

QuakeCoRE/NZSEE Women in Earthquake Engineering Award

This award is to recognise younger academic and professional women for ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of earthquake engineering.

NZSEE Research Scholarship

NZSEE awards annual Research Scholarships for applicants undertaking worthwhile research projects in earthquake engineering at New Zealand universities and research institutes.

Seismic Resilience Award

Low Damage Design case study projects are sought that have the objective of providing a low damage outcome in an earthquake event.