Call for Papers – Bulletin Special Issue on Resilience of Infrastructure Networks

There is still time to submit your abstract for the upcoming Bulletin Special Issue on Resilience of Infrastructure Networks!

Infrastructure networks are essential for the functioning of modern societies. Given our seismicity, geology and terrain, our infrastructure is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes and other natural hazards. The ability of our infrastructure to withstand earthquakes and recover quickly is paramount for the health and wellbeing and economic functionality of our societies.

Research and applied studies followed by actions are important to achieve resilient infrastructure. Sharing of the knowledge from research, assessment, strengthening and management strategies will help researchers, professionals and asset owners to pursue initiatives that enhance the resilience of our infrastructure.

This special issue focuses on recent research and practice in infrastructure resilience and aims to make findings available to the wider earthquake engineering community and asset owners. We are particularly interested in papers that report on the recent research work and practical engineering to assess resilience, prioritisation of interventions and implementation of strengthening of infrastructure including transport, water, wastewater, electricity, gas, telecommunications, fuel etc. We are also interested in research that considers the impact of infrastructure functionality on societal and community resilience.

Summary of the topics to be covered include:

  • Impact of earthquake and tsunami on infrastructure networks
  • Performance of infrastructure
  • Resilience of infrastructure networks and interdependencies
  • Societal impacts of infrastructure resilience and community resilience
  • Assessment of the resilience of infrastructure including network infrastructure
  • Economic impacts of infrastructure failure
  • Prioritisation and development of business cases
  • Implementation of resilience enhancement measures

Abstracts are on due by 15 February 2020, and full manuscripts by 30 April 2020. Your submissions should be sent to the Lead guest editor, P Brabhaharan, or deputy guest editor, L Wotherspoon. Any queries, please contact Brabha on 027-483 0705, or Liam at