Removal of Embargo on Bulletin Papers

In November 2019 the NZSEE Management Committee voted to remove the embargo on online access to Bulletin papers, which currently limits the most recent two years of papers to members only.

It is felt that this embargo has been putting people off submitting articles to the Bulletin as there is limited opportunity for them to be cited in the first two years. As we have not had an established provision for an interested researcher to purchase recently published Bulletin paper online, this embargo has been impeding the research community to access and benefit from the good research/practice papers we are publishing. This also adversely affects the Bulletin’s impact factor (which is used as an indicator of the international standing of any journal), which is calculated using the total number of times the Bulletin papers published in the last 2 years have been cited by researchers.

This is an important development and together with the recent induction of Bulletin papers in the Web of Science citation database, we now have a foundation to make the Bulletin a preferred outlet for top researchers worldwide.