Fellows – 2020 Call for Nominations

Call for Nomination of NZSEE Members:
Consideration for Election to a Fellow of the Society

The Management Committee may elect as a Fellow of the Society any person, whether resident in New Zealand or otherwise who, in the Committee’s estimation, fulfils all of the following requirements:

a) the nominee must have been a member of the Society for at least five years immediately prior to nomination; and

b) the nominee must be highly respected in some aspect of the fields of earthquake engineering, earthquake phenomena or the effects of earthquakes; and

c) the nominee must have performed exceptional service to the Society as demonstrated by:

  • work on the Management Committee; and/or
  • work on one or more of the Society’s Bulletins; and/or
  • publication in the Society’s Bulletin; and/or
  • other special contribution which benefits the Society.

Prospective Fellows shall be nominated by three current members of the Society, who shall submit with their nomination a brief statement supporting the nominee’s case for election.

The nominations submitted will be considered by the Management Committee in their assessment for the election of NZSEE Fellows. The Management Committee’s selection of any member for a Fellowship will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Nominations shall close with the Executive Officer on Thursday 5 March 2020