Weng Yuan Kam

Citation on the award of NZSEE Fellow, April 2018

Kam is awarded a Fellowship of NZSEE for his services to the Society, leadership, and earthquake engineering in New Zealand.

Kam has provided service to the Society as an active member of the Management Committee, and by:

  • Supporting communications with the membership using social media.
  • Managing and reviewing papers presented for the annual conference.
  • Preparing and presenting material for the seminars on the Seismic Assessment of Existing Buildings.
  • Providing input for the Seismic Isolation Building Design guidelines (lead author of the chapter on Analysis).
  • Member of Study Group preparing guidelines and code of practice for the implementation of Displacement-based Design procedure tor new buildings.

In 2010 Kam completed his PhD studies at the University of Canterbury. His thesis was on the “Selective Weakening and Post-tensioning for seismic Retrofit of Pre 1970s Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Frames” This was a novel approach to the retrofit of existing concrete frame building, and the research also provided valuable insights into the probable performance of reinforced concrete buildings damaged by the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence.

During of the 2010-11 Canterbury Earthquakes, Kam was very involved with the emergency response and post-earthquake rapid assessment of buildings damaged in the earthquakes. He was part of the “Critical Building Team” to assess, monitor and provide temporary propping solutions for buildings of 6-storeys and higher. Further research was undertaken to assist with the recover and inquiry into the seismic performance of reinforced concrete buildings during the earthquakes.

Over the intervening years with Beca, Kam has further developed his seismic analytical skills and understanding of building performance during earthquakes. This knowledge has reflected in the design of new buildings and retrofit of existing, particularly buildings constructed of reinforced concrete. Kam is ready to share with his colleagues, clients and public his experience and knowledge; to increase the understanding of those involved with seismic engineering.

Kam’s contribution and leadership in structural engineering and his willingness to share his knowledge of the seismic performance of building during earthquakes is appreciated by the Society, and is acknowledged with the award of a New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Fellowship.