Richard C Fenwick

Citation on the award of Life Membership, March 2002

Richard Fenwick has been a active and long time member of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering. Richard has authored and co-authored 10 technical papers published in the NZSEE Bulletin, and has also presented 14 papers at World, Pacific and Annual Conferences of the Society over the last 12 years (not including the 2002 Annual Conference).

Richard was awarded the Society’s Otto Glogau Award in 1990 and has been awarded the IPENZ Freyssinet Award on two occasions (1991 and 1994) for papers published in the Bulletin. He was a member of the very successful Study Group set up by the NZ Concrete Society and NZSEE on Precast Concrete Buildings (1988-91 and 1997-99). He was a member of the SANZ Loading Code Revision Committee between 1987-92 and a member of the Joint Technical Committee on the General design requirements and design loads for Buildings and two sub-committees related to seismic design (1995-2001).

Richard has been lecturing and researching in structural design at Auckland University since 1975, with emphasis on seismic design and detailing. Hundreds of civil engineering graduates have left Auckland University with a thorough knowledge of the seismic design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, thanks to Richard’s astute knowledge and excellent enunciation of the subject.

Richard retires from Auckland University in April 2002 and the award of Life Membership of the Society is seen as a richly deserved tribute to a lifetime’s excellent work in earthquake engineering.