Peter J Moss

Awarded Life Membership, March 2001

Associate Professor Peter Moss was a foundation member of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, and has been closely involved in the Society’s business since that time.

He has been on the Management Committee since 1986, except for a year on research leave in 1992. Peter has been on the organising committees of several Pacific Earthquake Engineering Conferences and annual NZSEE conferences, including Technical Convenor of the 1995 Pacific Conference held in Melbourne. He has also represented the Society’s interests on various code committees, and has contributed 13 published papers in his own right.

Peter’s greatest contribution to the Society has been as the Bulletin editor for two lengthy periods from 1986-91 and 1993-96. He instigated the “glossy” look of the Bulletin with the new look cover in 1994 and a far more professional publication, when compared with earlier issues. During his time as editor it can be truly said that he produced a journal equal to any other in earthquake engineering, worldwide.

The duration of his active part in the Society’s management is remarkable, and the Society is indeed highly grateful for his service.