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Philip Yong & Jiashun Yu, 6 Nov 2008

On Day 3, the NZSEE team had a workshop with the Chendgu University of Technology. We were joined by guests from the Netherlands and Japan. The main theme of the workshop was about Earthquake and Geohazards. The lecture hall was full with a lot of the University staff and research students attending.

The NZSEE team were treated as the most honoured guests because of Jiashun’s connections and given front row reserved seats at the workshop presentations. Jiashun was chairing one of the sessions.

We each presented our areas of interest:

Jiashun Yu Earthquakes and Geo-hazards in New Zealand
Philip Yong Seismic Design of Buildings in New Zealand
P Brabhaharan Resilience of Lifeline Infrastructure to Earthquakes
Stuart Read Examples of New Zealand Landslide Dams and a Seismic Hazard Evaluation for Dams
Meng Fon Relationships are Important for Emergence Management

We were well received, and the most rounded due to the make up of the team.

Overall, the NZSEE team has made a very good impression to our host and also other foreign guests, the Chengdu University of Technology. It was a very successful day for us.

Philip Yong & Jiashun Yu