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A Mw6.4 earthquake struck Southern Taiwan at 3:57am local time on 6 February 2016 with a depth of 23 km. The city of Tainan (population 1.9M (2014)), approximately 48 km from the epicentre, has been reported as the worst affected city. NZSEE’s thoughts are with the victims and their family as rescue and relief work continues.

The NZSEE Learning from Earthquakes committee is monitoring the situation closely to consider the opportunities to learn from this event. Information about the Eartyhquake is available from Taiwan and is being compiled at our partner organisation EERI’s webpage at


NZSEE is committed to working with EERI to support and coordinate international reconnaissance effort. This will be by way of i) contributing to EERI’s virtual clearing house as a repository and permanent archive of information about the earthquake, ii) to provide logistic and co-ordination support for  international teams visiting Taiwan, and iii) to provide support to post-process and upload field data onto the virtual clearing house while acknowledging the sources of the information.

NZSEE is weighing up the option to send a small team to promote knowledge transfer relevant to NZ. We are not requesting applications as we plan to work through a register of past applications and are deliberating required and desirable background of team members.

NZSEE recommends members to submit topics area that they wish the LFE mission to cover via the online form at http://goo.gl/forms/FCvUvT32lo. This will inform the mission objectives and organisation.